Bulletin - March 2018

The Scottish Trauma Network’s (STN) Major Incidents with Mass Casualties (MI/MC) Group had its first meeting on 22 March.

This is a partnership between Scottish Government Health and Social Care Directorates, NHS Boards, Health and Social Care Partnerships (HSCP) and Local Authority Chief Social Work Officers under the auspices of the STN. Its task is to produce a new national plan that sets out how health and social care services will come together to respond to the needs of adults and children during a major incident with mass casualties.

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Significant Benefits

The Scottish Trauma Network will be an inclusive and equitable trauma network for Scotland including a number of hospital sites, and regional networks, which deliver the highest quality of integrated, multi-speciality care to severely injured patients, saving more lives and improving the lives of patients throughout the trauma pathway – from prevention to rehabilitation.

  • For Scotland, we estimate around 40 more lives will be saved each year, as well as improved care and outcomes for 2,000 potential major trauma patients and 4,000 severely injured patients each year.
  • Improvement in trauma rehabilitation as an integral component of the trauma network will benefit patients, returning them to independent living and employment far sooner and more effectively, helping reduce the estimated £300-£400 million lost economic output per year for Scotland as a result of trauma.
  • Investment in enhancing trauma services and specialist workforce, including pre-hospital retrieval and transfer, diagnostic capacity and rehabilitation will benefit a far wider group of severely ill and injured patients across Scotland.
  • The Scottish Trauma Network will provide a bespoke Scottish solution, operate across traditional specialty and geographical boundaries, epitomising the ethos of the National Clinical Strategy, ensure equitable access for patients to improved trauma services and outcomes.
Download the reportNational Implementation Plan
Improved care and outcomes for 6000 severely injured patients a year

Network Ethos

The overall aim of the STN will be ‘Saving lives. Giving life back’. Evidence from around the world shows that a co-ordinated and inclusive system of trauma care significantly reduces mortality (20-25%) and improves vocational outcomes for patients.


  • Public Health


  • SAS
  • ScotSTAR
  • PHECC Teams
  • Rural Responders


  • Adult Trauma
  • Paediatric Trauma


  • Neuro
  • MSK
  • Older People

Major Incident Planning

  • Mass Casualty Readiness
A bespoke Scottish solution operating across geographical boundaries

Scottish Trauma Network

The new Scottish Trauma Network is a bespoke, inclusive and equitable solution, which will involve the Scottish Ambulance Service and hospitals across Scotland - including 4 major trauma centres - working collaboratively, to deliver high quality integrated, multi-specialty care to severely injured patients.

This new approach will save more lives and improve patient outcomes throughout the trauma pathway – from prevention to rehabilitation - 'Saving lives. Giving life back'.

The Trauma Network Model